What's it all about!?

What Giants!? is a Kamishibai story telling theatre, cinema and soundsystem on a bicycle.

We are Spoke'n'Chain, creative arts organisation engaged in all things bicycle, merging play, community arts, sculptural work, carnival and performance since 2009. 

"In order to attain the impossible one must attempt the absurd."  Miguel de Cervantes

In May 2013 we set forth on this adventure and have been cycling throughout Europe ever since, performing our show, collaborating with other artist, arts organisations and also bicycle and environmental groups.

On the back of our big bicycle we carry a little Kamishibai theatre with which two clowns tell the story of Aaron Errant, a cyclist who sets out on his bicycle to follow his dreams.  The show is about 45 minutes long and can be performed anywhere that has room for a big bicycle.

'Déjanté'! C'est terrible et complètement barré, A VOIR !!!'  
Alain, Le Camping Minihy, Pleneuf-val-Andre

'Un intermede délirant plein de fraîcheur , d'humour et de drôlerie qui a attiré et retenu les promeneurs.' 
Le Télégramme 2014

The bicycle is also equipped with a sound system complete with a pedal powered electrical generating system.

We can do pedal power demonstrations, a disco, a cinema in the woods.....
As members of the Cube Cinema Bristol we do have with us a programme of independent short films from Bristol.

Here are some examples of how we do things.

A bicycle ride with picnic and show: click here
Powering up the pedal power : click here
Musical bike ride: click here 

What Giants!? is an exploration and celebration of the cycle routes and cycling cultures of Europe.
We are following, discovering and exploring the cycle routes of Europe.  As official, unofficial ambassadors of The Bristol Bike Project we aim to make contacts with cyclists and the cycling cultures they are part of. This way we meet many exciting  bicycle communities and people that are involved in bicycle recycling, critical mass, D.I.Y. bike maintenance, bike rides and events  and the promotion of cycling as a means of transportation and a way of life. 

Vive la Velorution!

What Giants!? is an exercise in simplicity, sustainability and low impact living that seeks to demonstrate that another world is possible.
We are supporters of the small is beautiful philosophy, community led, sustainable, low impact living, voluntary simplicity, transition networks, artist led venues, community run gardens, the volunteer movement, intentional communities and others that are seeking to consume less and share more. 

Another world is possible!

We seek to participate and to collaborate.
We are telling and performing stories, running workshops, collecting and creating stories, taking people on bicycle picnics, rides and adventures, screening films, creating art, music and theatre wherever we go. 

You can contact us via email at: bikebeard@gmail.com


  1. This is brilliant! We wish this perfect Stokes Croft couple all the pleasant fancies in the world!!

  2. hey, we are missing you here... I often think of you on your adventures. Just been checking out what you've been up to and as expected it all looks pretty good...keep on rolling and spreading great things...
    x ruth

  3. hi!!!


    I was listening to some rocking 70s tunes and heard this and thought of you both! Cycle to melbourne already!!!

    big kisses


  4. Je suis Max de Sète
    Bien reçu la clé du local
    dommage que l'on ne se soit pas vus davantage
    mon site en construction : peintures, performances, bavardages, actions politiques ...
    à une autre fois
    sur les routes ou à Sète

  5. j'ai oublié le site : maxhordecircus.com

  6. It was a real pleasure meeting you in Arles for the Alternatiba Tour.
    I hope our paths cross again sometime.